Inside Biotech

The A in STEAM: Caroline O'Driscoll, Scientific Illustrator

Episode Summary

Open a textbook, open the news app on your phone, or take a look at a billboard. You will probably see a picture of COVID-19, a highly specific diagram of a neuron, or a schematic of the cell cycle. While it might not be evident, these images have been carefully crafted on paper, on a tablet, or on a computer in order to present these pictures to you in a way that is best for relaying this information, making an exciting and engaging visual, while still maintaining accuracy and integrity. Interested in learning more about the process of forming these images and the people behind these incredible images, we sat down with Caroline O'Driscoll, a scientific illustrator at USC, to learn more on our last episode of the A in STEAM in Biotech. Starting January, 2022, we will be taking a short break until the next episode; We will come back with even more exciting news about the Biotech Landscape in Los Angeles!

Episode Notes

Caroline O’Driscoll is a professional artist with advanced education in both the life sciences and visual communication. She collaborates with scientists, physicians, and other specialists to transform complex information into visual images that communicate to broad audiences. Her work has been utilized to support medical research, education, clinical care, public relations, and marketing objectives.