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The Dish on Biotech in Food: Ryan Bethencourt, Founder and CEO of Wild Earth

Episode Summary

As we aim to fill ourselves with the highest quality, most nutritious, and best food, we love to do the same for our unwavering companies: our pups! “You are what you eat” is as relevant to them as it is for us. Again, like us, dogs are omnivores that definitely benefit from a diet varied in sources of nutrients including plant-based protein and other non-meat foods. Dog food, however, often does not cater to this nuance. Wild Earth, a CA Startup, is trying to change that one delivery at a time. To learn more, we virtually sat down with the CEO of Wild Earth, Ryan Bethencourt, on our first episode of our second series: The Dish on Biotech in Food.

Episode Notes

 Despite the popular trope that our furry friends only want to eat meat and chew on bones, dogs are actually omnivores meaning that their diet does not have to consist of only or mainly meat products. While doting owners want to feed their dogs the best food to keep their loving companions in tip-top shape, there are many times that a plant based dog food might be best for them. Plant based dog food? Where does one buy that? One California Startup, Wild Earth, is delivering it right to your door! Pitched on SharkTank, Wild Earth has developed a high protein, plant based dog food using Koji that will have any dog happily munching away. Not only is the food great for dogs, it is also a meat free alternative that relieves pressure on the environment too as dog food is a huge source of meat need and usage. You can learn more at: